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IP-RTU with Integrated On-Off and Analog I/O analogen E/A

The Piciorgros range of radio networked RTU modules has included radio RTUs with Ethernet interface (e.g, MDP 310.200). Piciorgros now offers IP-RTUs without wireless that can be conneced to a hard-wired Ethernet LAN or to the Internet. This IP-RTU Module is available with integrated on-off I/O, analog I/O, and time totalizing and event counting functions. The IP-RTU is also optionally available with integrated picoLogo micro-PLC functions (Siemens Logo! compatible) that give it autonomous logic control and monitoring capabilities. All I/O's are separately isolated from the RTU's internal electronic circuits.

Communication Protocols:
The IP-RTU can communicate using MODBUS-Over-IP or IEC-60807-5-104 protocols, and are compatible with DHCP, UDP, Ping, TCP, TFTP and other IP protocol elements.

On-Off Inputs:
The IP-RTU has 16 on-off inputs, all individually opto-isolated. Switching voltage polarity is user-selectable in groups of 4 inputs. Each on-off input can be user-configured with an event counter or time totalizer function. Input pulses at up to 10 Hz can be counted.

On-Off Outputs:
The on-off output switching transistors are individually opto-isolated, configured for positive line switching, and can each switch up to 500 mA, 12-24 VDC.

Analog inputs:
Analog inputs are compatible with 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA current loop signals. These inputs are digitized at 12-bit resolution.

I/O Expansion Modules:
The IP-RTU can be connected via its Expansion Bus Port to one or more local I/O Expansion Modules, so that the number of I/Os can be increased at each IP-RTU node. The IP-RTU checks for connected Expansion Modules very time it is switched on, automatically detecting any Expansion Module that may have been newly connected to or disconnected from it, and the I/O configuration of each connected Expansion Module.