ETSI standard for public digital trunked radio systems.

is a standard framework for implementation of cellular digital
radio networks for voice and data, similar in some ways to GSM.

 Radio systems
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GSM-2110 and GSM-4110
Remote alarm signaling, control and data logging module
for GSM networks, with on-off inputs and outputs and
(optional) analog inputs. The GSM-4110 additionally has
PicoLogo micro-PLC functionality.

MDP-310.200H/M Master-Station Radio Modem
The MDP-310.200H acts as a radio modem and master
station for radio networks with up to 64 slave stations

RTU - Radio Remoter I/O Module
with on-off, analog inputs and on-off outputs.
Event counting and time totalizing functions can be enabled for on-off inputs. An optional PicoLogo Micro-PLC feature allows the RTU to act as an autonomous micro-PLC. All I/Os are electrically isolated from the module's electronic circuits.
TRM-710.200H - Radio Modem with serial interface
TRM = Telemetric Radio Modem
The TRM-710.200 Radio Modem is intended for use as a slave station in a radio network. It is accessed by polling, and transfers data between a
central control system linked to a remote master station and the serial port of the slave station.


PEM I/O Expansion Modules
Piciorgros Radio RTU Modules each have an I/O expansion interface  through which up to 16 PEM I/O Expansion Modules can be connected.