SR-150 A




SR-150 A

VHF Radio-Modules with internal FFSK-Modem

The SR-150A is a universal, intelligent RF-Transceiver Module for the VHF Frequency Range, covering 140 - 175 MHz. The unit is equipped with an internal FFSK-Modem and a Microprocessor, and can be controlled vial I2C-interface or RS-232 @ TTL-Level.
The data interface for the communication cannel is controlled by: TxC, RxC, TxD and RxD.

data of SR-150A

Function: RF-unit with build in FFSK-Modem
Frequency: 140 - 175 MHz
Coverage: 35 MHz w/o readjusting
Cannelspacing 20 KHz
RF-Output Pwr: Programmable 10 mW to 500 mW
-117 dBm
Modulation: FFSK-Modulation with 2400 BPS
Interface: I2C, RS-232 (TTL)
RSSI: Analog Voltage at Terminal, and internal Register
Supply Voltage: 5 Volt (7 Volt)
Current consumption: 70 mA - standby / receive
250 mA @ Pout = 500 mW

Antenne Terminal: SMR-nano
I/O Signals: 17 Pin PCB-Terminal
Enclosure: ca. 54 x 79 x 19 mm, Tinplate
Approval: CE, EN 300 220